Brothers In Arms Firearms ONLY accepts transfers from active FFL holders. If you’ve purchased a firearm online from a private seller, that seller must use an FFL to ship the firearm to us. We will not accept transfers from private sellers. NO EXCEPTIONS. If a firearm shows up from a private seller it will be returned to that seller immediately. Receivers and Actions not in a fully assembled firearm are considered ‘other’ weapons to the ATF. You must be 21 years old and an Idaho resident to transfer a lower receiver or frame/action to us.

Once your firearm is received and logged in we will notify you to come pick it up. We will not do a background check prior to you buying the firearm so make sure you will be able to pass. If you are denied the background check, the firearm becomes the property of Brothers in Arms Firearms. We will work with you for an alternate disposition of the firearm if it cannot be returned to the seller. Any costs for returning to the seller will be pre-paid at cost+10%. If you have an Idaho Concealed Weapons license that is active, it will exempt you from the background check, although you will still have to fill out form 4473.

You must pick up your firearm within 10 business days of notification from us. We will notify you via e-mail and attempt to call you as well. Any firearm left longer than 30 days becomes the property of Brothers In Arms Firearms unless other arrangements have been made prior. If you are active duty and deployed, please e-mail or call us before transferring to us so we can take care of you. We will send the transferring dealer a copy of our FFL via e-mail or fax, based on their preference. We do not provide our FFL to customers. 

Brothers In Arms Firearms has no responsibility for the condition of the firearm and is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage during shipment. We charge $25 for EACH firearm transferred to us. If multiple firearms are received in a single shipment, it is $25 for the first firearm and $10 for each additional firearm. It is considered a single shipment if received on the same day. NFA items have a $50 transfer fee each.

If you would like to transfer a firearm to Brothers In Arms Firearms, please fill out the form below to let us know it’s coming and we’ll contact you once it arrives. We will take care of getting it here once we receive this form.

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